Silvanus Dikey Bahçem

Silvanus Live & Preserved Vertical Garden

What is Vertical Landscape?

The application, also known as vertical planting, is the application that is mounted on a wall or a vertical area with carrier systems and allows the plants to live in the vertical plane. In order to camouflage the cold and hard structures in the increasing concretion and urbanization, it has been ensured that people live in a more aesthetic and nature-integrated living space. Plants, which find a living space in urban life with wall landscaping applications, have both been the product of an environmentalist formation and have enabled people to continue their activities in a more livable area. Vertical landscaping, which is known as vertical garden, vertical planting, wall landscaping among the people, makes living spaces such as building exteriors, interiors, hotels, bridges, passages, parks, etc. more livable. In addition, it is another feature that adds spaciousness, aesthetic value to the areas where it is located, contributes to sound and heat insulation, and adds positive energy to its surroundings psychologically.

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