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Silvanus Vertical Garden has developed its patented product, the Silvanus Potted Vertical Garden System, in order to offer practical solutions to the needs in the field of vertical landscaping and to reflect the unique values ​​of nature in our living spaces. With the Silvanus Potted Vertical Garden System, concrete walls practically turn into a vertical garden with its own irrigation system and pots. With this system, an alternative to other vertical garden applications has been created and it has been designed in such a way that it can be easily
installed by anyone. With this system, which is considered as a turning point in the field of vertical planting, living vertical gardens will easily exist in all areas of our lives. Two different pot models were created as indoor and outdoor vertical garden and irrigation application was diversified. In this regard, there are pot models that can also be applied indoors.

All the difficulties in the living vertical garden area have been considered and we have decided to spread the traces of nature all over the world with this system, which will maintain its existence for years without losing its effect. We color our living spaces with plant walls and vertical planting applications, and new living spaces that will get ourselves air with wall greening projects by freeing them from lifeless concrete walls. we are building. We emphasize the miraculous texture of nature and the common value of the universe with the systems we have developed.

Silvanus Potted Vertical Garden System has many advantages compared to other systems.

»More practical and easy to install. It is much more economical than other systems, especially in large square meters.

» It has a larger internal volume compared to other systems. This allows plants to grow more efficiently.

» Applications can be made in all kinds of geometric forms. This provides the opportunity to create different designs from other systems in the world.

» It gains a more solid and regular structure. This ensures that it can maintain its vitality for many years.

» When a design change is desired, only the flower pots can be easily removed and new designs can be made.

» Since it is a grounded system, our system can be easily applied even in the coldest and hottest climates of the world.

» Its maintenance is much easier and more practical than other systems in the world.

» All kinds of plants, seasonal, evergreen shrubs, ground cover, ivy, tropical indoor ornamental plants can be placed.

» After the application, no infrastructure system under the plants is visible. In this respect, it can be used in many places.

» It has a higher visual value.

We have been exporting the products of Silvanus Potted Vertical Garden System to abroad for 5 years. In this sense, there are many countries from the Middle East and Europe where we work.

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