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Seaweed Panel Usage Areas

Moss panels are natural, living and handcrafted products and applications preferred by people who want to add an aesthetic value to their living spaces. These are applications with high visual value that can be combined with many types of moss such as reinderr moss, ball moss and flat moss in this panel. The algae, which are specially designed, sprayed, cleaned and then stabilized in the workshops, carry the traces of nature onto the inanimate concrete walls. The moss panel, also called moss panel, moss coating and wall moss in the sectoral sense, is made on top of a plate and mounted on the walls in living spaces. These products also have tabular forms. These are called moss tables. With these algae varieties, companies want to design their logos, and very creative works emerge.

The algae used in these works, which are called moss panels, moss coating and moss walls, are alive and are protected from the adverse conditions of the environment by protecting them with the necessary embalming and stabilization processes. You can contact us to add color to your building exteriors, interiors, hotels, bridges, passages, parks etc. and to carry the traces of nature with moss panel and moss painting models.

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