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Modular Vertical Gardens

Modular Vertical Gardens Silvanus Vertical Gardens; It is a practical vertical garden solution that can be moved to the right and left, takes up little space, is integrated into the reservoir under the irrigation and fertilization system. The lighting system
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Indoor Vertical Gardens

Indoor vertical gardens are applications made using tropical plants that significantly change the atmosphere and attractiveness of the environment in which they are applied. In these solutions, in addition to the outdoor application systems, the system and lighting systems that
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Artificial Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens, the new favorite of recent times, attract attention with the greening of many concrete areas and adding visual richness. These vertical gardens are aliveArtificial vertical gardens allow the areas to be designed to be easily configured in terms
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Moss Wall

In our social life, we need to be born from our work tempo. This need is a necessity of both our visual and mental health. He will take care of us, we will not care, and he will not keep
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Felt Vertical Garden

In the felted vertical garden model, a felt cover is covered on the area to be applied and there are irrigation channels in the infrastructure of this felt. In this felt system, sacs are created in which plants can live,
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Silvanus Potted System Vertical Garden has developed its patented product, the Silvanus Potted Vertical Garden System, in order to offer practical solutions to the needs in the field of vertical landscaping and to reflect the unique values ​​of nature in our living
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