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Artificial Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens, the new favorite of recent times, attract attention with the greening of many concrete areas and adding visual richness. These vertical gardens are alive

Artificial vertical gardens allow the areas to be designed to be easily configured in terms of aesthetics. While doing this, it adds a natural and lively visuality to the environment.

Many companies, hospitals, shopping malls, municipalities and many institutions prefer artificial vertical garden applications to color their inanimate and colorless areas and to contain traces of nature. Artificial vertical garden applications can be easily made in desired dimensions. You can create living and artificial vertical gardens in areas where architectural aesthetics are desired and nature areas that you will use for many years without requiring maintenance.

Although living vertical gardens require little maintenance, artificial vertical gardens are preferred because sometimes this is undesirable. With the experience of Terramoss in this field for many years, many vertical garden applications, both live and artificial, have been made in many areas. In this regard, these applications made with quality materials add vitality and color to the environment.

Artificial Vertical Garden Advantages

Artificial vertical gardens have become widespread as a result of the fact that people who do not have time to care for living vertical gardens meet their greening needs with artificial gardens. Although it does not replace living gardens, artificial vertical gardens also have many advantages.

– No need for air circulation and irrigation.

– It is long-lasting and maintains its vitality.

– It has a sound absorbing feature as in live vertical gardens.

– It is convincingly natural in appearance.

– It is resistant to climatic conditions and can be easily cleaned when desired.

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