Silvanus Dikey Bahçem

Silvanus Live & Preserved Vertical Garden


About Us

Silvanus Vertical Garden is Turkey’s first company specializing in vertical gardens. Since 2011, we have been operating only in the field of vertical gardens, namely Design, Installation and Maintenance. With the unique designs of all our Vertical Gardens that we have implemented so far, we have ensured that each project is also mentioned.

Carrying all the unique beauties offered to us by nature on our walls, maintaining its sustainability and still being alive and healthy when it was first established increases the success of our brand in Turkey day by day.

As the Silvanus family, we are working to make our living spaces greener with our walls. In this new friendship that we will take a step with you, we will bring the clean air, artistic aesthetic appearance, forest effect, contribution to biodiversity, unwanted image camouflage, brand image awareness, etc. that our Vertical Gardens will bring to the environment to be established. We will be pleased to share the service that it will add to many different fields.

Our Mission

To meet customer demands and expectations at the highest level by constantly improving our product and service quality,

To create an emotional bond between us and our consumers with a strong communication and to ensure customer loyalty,

To become the most preferred BRAND by expanding our domestic and international service network, to increase our competitiveness and profitability.

Our Vision

To be a reliable and reputable organization of Turkey, which continuously develops its own methods in our field of expertise and pioneers the sector in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our company in the national / international market